MLflow Documentation

MLflow is an open source platform for managing the end-to-end machine learning lifecycle. It tackles four primary functions:

  • Tracking experiments to record and compare parameters and results (MLflow Tracking).

  • Packaging ML code in a reusable, reproducible form in order to share with other data scientists or transfer to production (MLflow Projects).

  • Managing and deploying models from a variety of ML libraries to a variety of model serving and inference platforms (MLflow Models).

  • Providing a central model store to collaboratively manage the full lifecycle of an MLflow Model, including model versioning, stage transitions, and annotations (MLflow Model Registry).

MLflow is library-agnostic. You can use it with any machine learning library, and in any programming language, since all functions are accessible through a REST API and CLI. For convenience, the project also includes a Python API, R API, and Java API.

Get started using the Quickstart or by reading about the key concepts.