Source code for mlflow.entities.model_registry.model_version

from mlflow.entities.model_registry._model_registry_entity import _ModelRegistryEntity
from mlflow.entities.model_registry.model_version_tag import ModelVersionTag
from mlflow.entities.model_registry.model_version_status import ModelVersionStatus
from mlflow.protos.model_registry_pb2 import (
    ModelVersion as ProtoModelVersion,
    ModelVersionTag as ProtoModelVersionTag,

[docs]class ModelVersion(_ModelRegistryEntity): """ MLflow entity for Model Version. """ def __init__( self, name, version, creation_timestamp, last_updated_timestamp=None, description=None, user_id=None, current_stage=None, source=None, run_id=None, status=ModelVersionStatus.to_string(ModelVersionStatus.READY), status_message=None, tags=None, run_link=None, aliases=None, ): super().__init__() self._name = name self._version = version self._creation_time = creation_timestamp self._last_updated_timestamp = last_updated_timestamp self._description = description self._user_id = user_id self._current_stage = current_stage self._source = source self._run_id = run_id self._run_link = run_link self._status = status self._status_message = status_message self._tags = {tag.key: tag.value for tag in (tags or [])} self._aliases = aliases or [] @property def name(self): """String. Unique name within Model Registry.""" return self._name @name.setter def name(self, new_name): self._name = new_name @property def version(self): """version""" return self._version @property def creation_timestamp(self): """Integer. Model version creation timestamp (milliseconds since the Unix epoch).""" return self._creation_time @property def last_updated_timestamp(self): """Integer. Timestamp of last update for this model version (milliseconds since the Unix epoch).""" return self._last_updated_timestamp @last_updated_timestamp.setter def last_updated_timestamp(self, updated_timestamp): self._last_updated_timestamp = updated_timestamp @property def description(self): """String. Description""" return self._description @description.setter def description(self, description): self._description = description @property def user_id(self): """String. User ID that created this model version.""" return self._user_id @property def current_stage(self): """String. Current stage of this model version.""" return self._current_stage @current_stage.setter def current_stage(self, stage): self._current_stage = stage @property def source(self): """String. Source path for the model.""" return self._source @property def run_id(self): """String. MLflow run ID that generated this model.""" return self._run_id @property def run_link(self): """String. MLflow run link referring to the exact run that generated this model version.""" return self._run_link @property def status(self): """String. Current Model Registry status for this model.""" return self._status @property def status_message(self): """String. Descriptive message for error status conditions.""" return self._status_message @property def tags(self): """Dictionary of tag key (string) -> tag value for the current model version.""" return self._tags @property def aliases(self): """List of aliases (string) for the current model version.""" return self._aliases @aliases.setter def aliases(self, aliases): self._aliases = aliases @classmethod def _properties(cls): # aggregate with base class properties since cls.__dict__ does not do it automatically return sorted(cls._get_properties_helper()) def _add_tag(self, tag): self._tags[tag.key] = tag.value # proto mappers
[docs] @classmethod def from_proto(cls, proto): # input: mlflow.protos.model_registry_pb2.ModelVersion # returns: ModelVersion entity model_version = cls(, proto.version, proto.creation_timestamp, proto.last_updated_timestamp, proto.description, proto.user_id, proto.current_stage, proto.source, proto.run_id, ModelVersionStatus.to_string(proto.status), proto.status_message, run_link=proto.run_link, aliases=proto.aliases, ) for tag in proto.tags: model_version._add_tag(ModelVersionTag.from_proto(tag)) return model_version
[docs] def to_proto(self): # input: ModelVersion entity # returns mlflow.protos.model_registry_pb2.ModelVersion model_version = ProtoModelVersion() = model_version.version = str(self.version) model_version.creation_timestamp = self.creation_timestamp if self.last_updated_timestamp is not None: model_version.last_updated_timestamp = self.last_updated_timestamp if self.description is not None: model_version.description = self.description if self.user_id is not None: model_version.user_id = self.user_id if self.current_stage is not None: model_version.current_stage = self.current_stage if self.source is not None: model_version.source = str(self.source) if self.run_id is not None: model_version.run_id = str(self.run_id) if self.run_link is not None: model_version.run_link = str(self.run_link) if self.status is not None: model_version.status = ModelVersionStatus.from_string(self.status) if self.status_message: model_version.status_message = self.status_message model_version.tags.extend( [ProtoModelVersionTag(key=key, value=value) for key, value in self._tags.items()] ) model_version.aliases.extend(self.aliases) return model_version