Source code for mlflow.entities.source_type

[docs]class SourceType: """Enum for originating source of a :py:class:`mlflow.entities.Run`.""" NOTEBOOK, JOB, PROJECT, LOCAL, UNKNOWN, RECIPE = range(1, 7) _STRING_TO_SOURCETYPE = { "NOTEBOOK": NOTEBOOK, "JOB": JOB, "PROJECT": PROJECT, "LOCAL": LOCAL, "RECIPE": RECIPE, "UNKNOWN": UNKNOWN, } SOURCETYPE_TO_STRING = {value: key for key, value in _STRING_TO_SOURCETYPE.items()}
[docs] @staticmethod def from_string(status_str): if status_str not in SourceType._STRING_TO_SOURCETYPE: raise Exception( "Could not get run status corresponding to string %s. Valid run " "status strings: %s" % (status_str, list(SourceType._STRING_TO_SOURCETYPE.keys())) ) return SourceType._STRING_TO_SOURCETYPE[status_str]
[docs] @staticmethod def to_string(status): if status not in SourceType.SOURCETYPE_TO_STRING: raise Exception( "Could not get string corresponding to run status %s. Valid run " "statuses: %s" % (status, list(SourceType.SOURCETYPE_TO_STRING.keys())) ) return SourceType.SOURCETYPE_TO_STRING[status]